AKC  American Kennel Club  
  AM. CH. Usually an AKC champion of record  
  AOAC Any Other Allowed Color  
  AX Agility Excellent title  
  BIS Best In Show.  The highest award given at a sanctioned show.  
  BISS Best in Specialty Show.  The highest award given at a breed show.  
  BOB Best of Breed.  Award won at an AKC or CKC sanctioned show.  
  BOS Best of Opposite Sex (to the Best of Breed) at a
sanctioned show
  CAN. CH. Canadian champion of record  
  CKC Be careful with this one.  Ask specifically what is meant.There is the Canadian Kennel Club and then there is a registry called the Continental Kennel Club.  The Canadian Kennel Club is preferable.  
  CD  Companion Dog.  An obedience title.  
  CDX Companion Dog Excellent.  An obedience title  
  CERF Eye test and registry  
  CGC Canine Good Citizen.  Temperament test  
  Champion The dog is a champion of record.  Ask which registry. There is no such thing as a “Grand Champion”.  Ask to see the championship certificate.  Abbreviated as CH.  
  DNA Profile to prove parentage  
  Dysplasia Osteoarthritis which can be a crippling condition.
Screening is important.
  Full Reg. Full registration.  Potential breeding stock and show dogs.  
  Int’l CH.  International champion.  Requirements not as stringent as AKC or CKC.  
  Limited Reg. Limited registration.  The progeny of such dogs can’t be shown in conformation at AKC shows.  However, they can be shown in obedience.  
  MX Master Agility Excellent title  
  NA Novice Agility title.  
  OA Open Agility title.  
  OFA Orthopedic Foundation For Animals.  Certification for hips, elbows, patella, thyroid, cardiac.  
  OTCH Obedience Trial Champion.  Very difficult to obtain and a very impressive title.  
  Pedigree The dog’s background or genealogy.  Ask to see a CERTIFIED pedigree  
  PennHip Another hip screening procedure.  It is acceptable.  
  TD Tracking Dog  
  TDX Tracking Dog Excellent  
  TDI  Therapy Dogs, Inc.  A temperament test.  
  Thyroid Complete panel testing done at Michigan State University. Also acceptable is the Oxford Lab test for TgAA where a negative result is a good thing.  
  UD Utility Dog.  An obedience title.  
  UDTD Utility Dog Tracking Dog  
  UDX  Utility Dog Excellent.  The highest obedience title.  
  UDXTD Utility Dog Excellent Tracking Dog  
  UDXTDX Utility Dog Excellent Tracking Dog Excellent  
  UDVST Utility Dog Variable Surface Tracking Dog  
  UDXVST Utility Dog Excellent Variable Surface Tracking Dog  
  VST Variable Surface Tracking Dog  


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