Lesson  13

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Creating Pixel Art

Pixel art is a retro form of digital art which is gaining a lot in popularity these days. Pixel art is generally thought of as a computer graphic where the image is literally drawn pixel-by-pixel in tiny detail, usually using a limited color palette and primitive computer graphics tools. For instance, Microsoft Paint, which hasn't been updated or changed in years, is a perfectly suitable tool for creating pixel art. Pixel art resembles the jagged 8-bit computer graphics of the early 1990s such as those seen in computer role-playing games and Nintendo systems. Computer icons are typically created in a pixel art style. Although pixel art is not hard to create, it does require a great deal of patience!

Try some Tutorials:

Fantasy Dream World

Nemisis Tutorials
Click "pixels" on left menu

Pixel Fountain

Rose Creations

The above "Kittens in a basket" pixel art was a free download from a pixel site. I do not know the original artist, but would more than gladly give credit and a link to their site, if they contact me.


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