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4th Annual Paws on Parade

Danes in Need

Olivia was left to fend for herself, after a divorce
Can you help Olivia?

  1. Make a few phone calls.

  2. Send out applications to potential adopters.

  3. Volunteer to do a house check.

  4. Volunteer to evaluate an incoming dog.

  5. Walk dogs being boarded at local kennels/vets offices.

  6. Donate some dog treats.

  7. Donate some dog toys.

  8. Donate some ID tags.

  9. Donate some blankets or dog beds.

  10. Transport a dog.

  11. Make a cash donation.

  12. Donate some postage stamps.

  13. Donate a crate or exercise pen.

  14. Donate a baby gate.

  15. Donate grooming supplies.

  16. Donate grooming for a dog at the local groomer.

  17. Groom a dog.

  18. Donate a bag of food.

  19. Provide local vet offices with information about rescue.

  20. Donate a gift certificate to a pet store.

  21. Donate a leash, Gentle Leader or strap collar (gently used are welcome)

  22. Donate Heartworm medication.

  23. Donate flea prevention medication.

  24. Volunteer at local Meet and Greet Days to help educate people about adoption & rescue.

  25. Volunteer to organize local Meet and Greet Days.

  26. Volunteer to organize or assist in organization of local fundraisers.

  27. Volunteer to run an ad in the local paper for rescue.

  28. Donate a raffle item for fundraising.

  29. Donate the use of a digital camera or scanner for pictures of dogs.

  30. Donate your time to photo graph events and available dogs.

  31. Donate Long Distance Calling Cards

  32. Drive a dog to and from a vet appointment.

  33. Provide a shoulder to cry on when the local rescue person is overwhelmed.

  34. Pay the boarding fees to board a dog for a week or two weeks?

  35. Host rescue photos with a link to the rescue website on your website.

  36. Have a yard sale or bake sale and donate the proceeds to rescue.

  1. Talk to all your friends about adopting or fostering rescue dogs.

  2. Foster a rescue dog. - Do you have what it takes to foster? Click here to find out

  3. Take a rescue dog to obedience classes.

  4. Donate vet services or pay for a dog to get its shots or spay/neuter.

  5. Write a column for your local newsletter or dog club newsletter about rescue.

  6. Microchip a rescue dog.

  7. Tattoo a rescue dog.

  8. Loan your carpet steam cleaner to a foster home.

  9. Donate food stands and food bowls.

  10. Donate dog related cleaning products. Fabreeze for example.

  11. Use your video to video a rescue dog in action.

  12. Pay for a spring house-cleaning for someone that fosters dogs all the time.

  13. Lend your artistic talents to rescue for newsletters, tee shirt designs, fundraising ideas.

  14. Visit a local kennel that is boarding rescue dogs or a foster home once a week to socialize an orphan.

  15. Donate printer paper to rescue.

  16. Donate envelopes to rescue.

  17. Go with a rescue person to the vet if a dog needs to be euthanized.

  18. Go to local shelters and meet with shelter staff about rescue.

  19. Go to local businesses and solicit donations for upcoming fundraisers.

  20. Hold a car wash and donate the proceeds to rescue.

  21. Write letters to solicit donations for rescue.

  22. Provide post adoption support and follow-up.

  23. Donate a coupon for a free car wash or interior cleaning of a fosters car.

  24. Loan a crate to a foster home.

  25. Help pet owners be better pet owners by providing tips on training.

  26. Contact local obedience instructors and ask about discount classes for rescue dogs.

  27. Offer to test an orphan dog with cats.

  28. Designate MAGDRL to receive the money from your Food Lion MVP Card.


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