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Lesson Two

Seamless Tiles


In this lesson we made seamless tiles and created a webset with them. I have always loved the artwork of Jody Bergsma, and wanted to create something with her work. I chose the print "Love Makes Life Beautiful". I love the colors and simple, pure beauty of the print.



  color wheel

These are the colors that I chose from the graphic, in order to design the backgrounds for this set


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I wanted to keep with the desert theme and wanted to add a stone texture to the page. An easy way to achieve this look was simply use the airbrush tool in PSP. I used the following settings: Shape: Round, Size: 255, Hardness: 20, Step: 50, Density: 43

stone look background tiles


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selection strip

Along with the stone texture, I also wished to use some of the patterning in the background of the main graphic. I tried several different techniques with PSP and was unsuccessful in getting the effect that I wanted. I then decided to select a portion of the graphic background with the selection tool in PSP. I converted the selection to a seamless pattern. The new tile was rather small, so I enlarged it, and then added a Gaussian Blur effect to soften the tile.


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For the main background, I also selected a portion of the main graphic background. Since it was also very small, I completed the same steps as the strip tile. I then applied Simple Quick Tile.

second selection



The first tile didn't give me the effect I was looking for, so I tried several different filters. Toadies Weaver was the effect that I liked best.


selection tile with toadies weaver


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peach and green gradient

I created a gradient with two of the colors from my original color swatch. Repeated the pattern once and added a 45 degree angle to it. This is the tile I used to fill the text. Font used for the main graphic and buttons was Andes Bold. The bar was made using a dingfont names KenderDesigns 2 and filled with the "stone" patterns.



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