Lesson 7


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True Beauty

Beauty is a thing seldom seen
No one sees it because no one looks
Or at least not in the right place
Beauty is held by all
Within the soul it lies
Waiting to come out to the surface
Only it can't
Beauty is suppressed by the evils of the world
Only love can bring beauty out
Once seen
Beauty never hides again
Not even hatred can deny beauty
Of it's true design
Beauty although possessed by all
Will only ever be truly seen by few
And fewer yet will ever see
One of the most beautiful sights
The beauty held by you

by Chad A Booher





For this lesson, we are working on different ways to present fonts to the viewer. On this page, the font used for the headers and buttons is Art Gothic. The main body text formatted for this page is Art Gothic, which I have offered as a download above. If you do not download the Art Gothic font, you will see this page with your browser's default font.

The last part of this lesson, offers another option. In this part, we include the font as part of a graphic. You can view the final part of Lesson 7 HERE.


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