Based on a litter of 7


Health clearances for female before breeding including x-rays for hip X-rays, heart examination by a board certified cardiologist, CERF and thyroid tests

$  350  
   2. Examination of female before breeding including fecal test, brucellosis, sensitivity tests, booster immunizations, etc. $  150  
   3. Progesterone testing for breeding / timing $  300  
   4. Ultrasound  $    50  
   5. X-rays $  100  
   6. Stud fee $  500  
   7. Travel to the stud  $  400  
   8. Food and vitamins for female $  350  
   9. Postpartum check for female   $  100  
  10. Removal of dewclaws $    85  
  11. Puppy immunizations and fecal exams $  500  
  12. Ear cropping at $150 per puppy $1050  
  13. Microchips for the puppies $  175  
  14. Food and vitamins for puppies before and after weaning $  500  
  15. Litter registration and individual registration fees $  144  
    TOTAL AMOUNT $4754  

Note: If the dam is a champion of record, add $1000 per point or approximately a total of $15,000 in expenses. Costs for travel to health testing, vet visits, copying, etc. have not been added in. The breederís time has not been calculated. Donations to rescue and/or the GDHA have not been added. Rebates for obedience school, conformation championships, obedience and/or agility titles have not been added. Rebates for future health testing also have not been added. Since the breeder keeps one puppy, only six are sold. You do the math. How much would the breeder have to charge for puppies in order to make any money off of this litter? About $4000 per puppy? Is this reasonable? No, the breeder doesnít make money from breeding. The breeder does it for the love of the breed and to keep something, the next generation. Itís all about ethics.



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