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He hovers just above the glittering
current, iridescent green in morning
sun. How does he manage to stay there
at the peripheries of his own desire,
keeping that exquisite distance till
he's certain he can have what he
needs and he takes it then with flashing
tongue (your tongue's wet flicker
and prod, how you knew to hold back
till the pleasure was a pain I'd die for
and the taking a perfect kill) the dragonfly
stays poised at the edge to have his fill
and his eyes never close, hour after hour
he hovers at the edge until the light goes.

By Patricia Traxler


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Our assignment for this lesson was to create a webset with a main graphic, backgrounds, dividers and buttons.

These are the backgrounds I made with PSP using the colors from the main graphic and Eye Candy 4000 Swirl effect and Mura's Copies filter.


green swirl tilesolid light green tilelight green swirl tilemura's copies tilebrown swirl tile



For the main graphic, I used a tube and added Xero filters Porcelain effect. This effect was also added to the divider and buttons. Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow was then added.

Font used on main graphic and buttons is MaidenWordCondensed







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