Lesson 5-Double Borders
Lesson Five
Double Sided Borders
Lesson 5 bar

The Indian Legend

If anyone desires a wish to come true

they must capture a butterfly

and whisper that wish to it.

Since they make no sound,

they canít tell the wish to anyone

but the Great Spirit.

So by making the wish

and releasing the butterfly

it will be taken to the

heavens to be granted.

~author unknown~

Lesson 5 bar

In this lesson, we created a double border webset, complete with backgrounds, header, buttons and bars. I really like the effect that you get with the double border, especially if you do not have a large amount of text to fill in your page.

If you click HERE, you can see an example of the "Cheater's" way to create a double border with using only 2 tables.

The font used for buttons and bars is Celtic Hand.

Button and header text color is #24336B

These are the colors used to create the backgrounds

Lesson 5 colors

I used Xenofex 1.0 Crumple filter-Wrinkled Tissue for image effects.

Lesson 5 bar


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